April Fool’s Day

Looking for some new April Fool’s Day pranks to pull off on your friends and family? Check out our favorite jokes that are sure to leave everyone laughing in the end.

Transform your dinner into “dessert” Meatloaf Cupcakes with Mashed Potato Icing


Cook your favorite meatloaf recipe in muffin tins and pipe mashed potatoes on top of the baked loaves so it looks like icing. You can garnish with finely diced carrots and chives for sprinkles. Take the prank a step further and dye your mashed potatoes! This is a great way to surprise your kids for dinner or lunch.

Your April Fool’s Dinner wouldn’t be complete without a funny dessert. Our favorite funny dessert is Spaghetti and Meatball Cupcakes. Simply tint vanilla icing with coco powder and yellow food coloring to achieve the look of pasta. Top the cupcakes with a chocolate donut hole or truffle covered in a dark raspberry jam. Grate White chocolate over the top for the finishing look of Parmesan cheese!

shaghetticupcakes A really fun and easy joke to pull off on your family or co-workers is a Balloon Avalanche. Tape a plastic trash bag to a door frame and fill the space between the bag and door with balloons. When someone opens the door they will be showered with the contents! You can also use packing peanuts, popcorn, or egg crates. Just remember, you might be enlisted to help clean up!


If you share a copier with a few co-workers and want some giggles, all you need is a paper clip. Make a few copies of a paperclip and put the printed copies back into the paper tray so when someone makes a copy they think there was a paperclip on the glass.  It usually takes a few minutes for someone to figure out what’s going on and you’ll be filled with laughing watching!

Want more pranks? Check out our Pinterest Page!


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