Holiday How-To: New Year’s Party Banner

holiday how to banner

Celebrate New Year’s in style with our DIY Banner!  Throwing a Great Gatsby themed party? This is a perfect last minute addition to your NYE party decor.

What you will need:

Plain White Paper
Small Clothes Pins

nye banner 1


Step 1: Download our Banner Pages here: New Year 2014 Banner

Step 2: Print the pages you would like to use in your banner. (We suggest sending the PDF to your local FedEx Office or Staples to help you save on ink at home and get a better quality image)

Step 3: Cut out each shape.
nye banner 2

Step 4: Hang the ribbon on the wall, staircase, door or other display area.

Step 5: Use small clothes pins to clip your cut out banner pieces to the ribbon.

nye banner 3

We hope you enjoy your New Year’s Banner and remember to make 2014 a memorable one!


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