Spring Cleaning and Organizing Tips and Tricks

spring cleaning

Even though there may be snow on the ground, Springtime is right around the corner! With these thoughts, come memories of warm weather, outdoor activities … and even the dreaded yearly cleaning and organizing. Although few people truly look forward to the last item on this list, almost everyone understands it is a necessary part of the season’s changing. While most people think of closets and garages when they think of Spring Cleaning, chances are your home office could use some attention as well!16 ways to organize your office

Nowadays who isn’t working from home at least one day out of the week? It seems more and more people are taking their work home, so in the spirit of this, here are 16 Organization ideas for your home office; since let’s be honest, a messy desk, or office, can really cramp your workflow! From covering magnetic boards with colorful fabrics, to turning that wasted space underneath the stairs into an office with built ins, there are some really innovative ways to organize an office space for your home!10 best desk organizers

For concierge Stephanie, the organization of her desk is highly important! Here are some of the top ten best desk organizers she found, perfect for transforming the space on top of your desk! From functional to fun, there really is an organizer perfect for everyone. 

Sometimes, no matter how much organizing you do, there is still so much clutter! Everywhere you look; there is a pile of SOMETHING! This can be really harmful – not only does it probably stress you out, it is also not conducive to a productive working environment. If this sounds familiar, have no fear! The first steps to organizing your home office space are always the hardest and can take quite a bit of time. To make the whole process easier, here are 10 Ways to Organize Your Home office by Monday.  Concierge Stephanie took this advice and couldn’t be happier with her new home office space!organize your desk

Hopefully these tips and tricks help you get well on your way to a wonderful Spring Cleaning!

Post created by Steph P.

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