Concierge Close-Up: Kazaxe

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As someone that gets bored with exercise, I’m always trying to find something fun I can do, plus get a great workout.

Last weekend my friend took me to a place in Springfield called Kazaxe, which means house of positive vibes. I promise you have probably not done anything like this before.


My first class was free as I came with a member. Walk in classes are just $6 for an hour workout. If you purchase a class pass, they are even cheaper! You really can’t beat that deal.

The classes are held in a giant warehouse where it is dimly lit with neon lights like you would see in a club with the music blasting.

Our instructor got on the stage along with a couple of other people that knew what they were doing and then the fun began.

Kazaxe is described as “a high-intensity, dance-party workout that will have you twerkin’ and workin’ to international urban beats.” You will have a blast and sweat more than you thought was possible.

If you have the time, do yourself a favor and check this out! You will get a great workout and it’s such a blast to do.

They are located at 6728 Industrial Road in Springfield, VA.

For more information or class schedule, visit their website.

We hope to see this workout expand to other locations in the DMV and will let you know if they do!

Post by: Sarah W.

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