A Site to See with Charm City Pedal Mill!

As corporate concierges, many of our clients reach out to us looking for new and exciting team building activities. Trust us when we say, this is the most fun we have ever had on a team outing, EVER!

We took to the streets of Baltimore with Charm City Pedal Mill, a 16 person covered bike, run strictly on human pedal power. The bike is 17 feet long and stands 9 feet tall.

pedal mill4

To say it was an experience is an understatement!

Our adventure began in Baltimore City where we met Elizabeth, our tour guide and bike operator. She was friendly, fun and made us feel right at home. Elizabeth encouraged us to play music, relax and enjoy the experience…and that we did!

We each assumed our position on a seat and were given simple instructions on how to operate the bike. (It is suggested that riders be at least 5′ 3″ but there are spots without pedals so they can still ride along).

Then off we went, bumping along the cobblestone streets, laughing and peddling as fast as we possibly could.

Many of us captured the hilarity with videos and pictures.

pedal mill7pedal mill6pedal mill2pedal mill8

We received several smiles and points from strangers on the street who couldn’t help but laugh and wonder what our group was doing riding a crazy 16 person bike!

The tour was a guided pub crawl that led us through the streets of Fell’s Point.

The first stop on the crawl was Dogwatch Tavern, which was a great casual spot that offered drink specials just for being a part of the Pedal Mill group.

Discounted bar prices are another perk of having your next pub crawl Charm City Pedal Mill!

We stayed at each bar for about a half an hour, until Elizabeth let us know it was time to hop back on the bike and pedal to our next stop.

pedal mill10The last two pubs we visited were Alexander’s Tavern and John Steven’s both are nice bars that offer awesome food and good beer selections.

After our final destination, we peddled our way back to the bike garage and thanked Elizabeth for an incredible experience!

We highly recommend that you plan a trip with Charm City Pedal Mill! It was an event that our team won’t forget anytime soon.

You can’t help but smile, laugh and feel like part of a traveling circus while maneuvering a 17-foot bike with 16 seats!

pedal mill5

Contact your concierge today for more information on planning your next team outing or personal event with Charm City Pedal Mill. You won’t be disappointed!

Post by: Cristin M.

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