DIY: Wedding Gifts & More

We are halfway through the busy wedding season but if you’re like me, you still have lots of weddings coming up.

Finding room in your budget for all of the registries is nearly impossible! Here are a few unique gift ideas that will also save some money in the process.

DIY Header

I thought up a list of both DIY projects for the creative folks and simple “purchase and wrap” gifts for the less artsy…

1. Get Framed (DIY)

Purchase a picture frame and mat board that coordinates with the invitation and frame it. This gift shows you were thinking about them but is super easy to do!

wedding gift 1

2. Dinner is Served (DIY)

Grab a few ingredients & kitchen tools for a romantic dinner for the newlyweds. Make sure to pick something that will not spoil while they are on their honeymoon (i.e. spaghetti, sauces, olive oil, garlic, bottle of wine, strainer and a cork screw).

wedding gift 2

3. Name Frame (DIY)

Get creative and frame the newlywed’s names in a shadow box.

wedding gift 3

4. Love Map (DIY)

Make a framed map of their love story. Frame pictures or maps of where they met, are getting married, and their first home together.

wedding gift 4

5. Go Postal

Think ahead and grab a ton of stamps for all those Thank You’s the couple will be sending. Or if the couple is moving in together, you can get personalize return address labels.

6. Customize It

Think of some great items everyone needs, and get it engraved! Some great items could include a cutting board, wine/beer glasses, picture frame, etc.

wedding gift 5

7. Lend a Hand

Try to find a happy medium between what you can offer and what they need… Offer to house or pet sit while they are on their honeymoon, stock the fridge or pantry for when they return from their travels. If you’re a photographer, you could even take the engagement photos!

8. His & Hers

Celebrate their union with His & Her items; there are tons of great pillows, mugs, aprons, etc. with the theme you can purchase!

wedding gift 6

9. Gifts that Keep Giving

There are plenty of items that keep on giving! Great ideas could be magazine subscriptions, recipe books, a coffee table book, etc.

wedding gift 7

10. Anniversary Toast

Head to your local liquor store and ask for wine or champagne that will age best in 1, 5 or 10 years; that way they can celebrate on their anniversary!

**For more DIY gift ideas, we recommend Pinterest.
**For more purchase and wrap gifts, Etsy is your one stop shop!

Have any other great ideas for DIY wedding gifts or gifts on a budget? Share your ideas in our comments!

Post by: Ashley M.

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