All Aboard The Pintita

Earlier this week the Baltimore concierges and I had the opportunity to join Captain Phil and his crew aboard The Pintita for a lovely evening on the water.

The weather was perfect with a slight breeze and clear skies.  From the moment we stepped on the boat, we instantly felt relaxed and ready for a fun evening of sailing!

pintita 1

The crew was so welcoming and made us feel right at home.  Captain Phil says regarding the staff that he hires, “I can teach anyone to sail, but I cannot teach them how to be a kind and respectful person”.

Not only did the crew provide exceptional service, making sure that our drinks were constantly filled and we had all of the tasty snacks that we desired, but they were also extremely knowledgeable.

They gave us a run down on how the boat works, showed us around the spacious cabin, explained to us about wind shifts and how the sail propels the boat and they even taught us how to faithfully drive the boat.

pintita 2 pintita 3

We spent about 3 hours aboard the Pintita and enjoyed every moment of it.

We sailed out and around the ceremonial buoy that marks the spot where the Star Spangled Banner was written right next to the Francis Scott Key Bridge before we headed back to the marina.

pintita 4

Our sail out was filled with beautiful sunsets and a calm breeze.  The returning sail displayed a completely different view of the city after the sun had gone down.  This included the elegant city lights and reflections on the water as we approached marina.

pintita 5

From corporate team building events and celebrations to a romantic boat and breakfast overnight, the Pintita is a little piece of paradise that everyone needs to see.

The 43-foot sail boat can comfortably carry up to 20 passengers.  Captain Phil has over 59 years of sailing experience and as a former vessel captain in the U.S. Army, his passion for the sea is inspiring.

We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to check out the Pintita and highly recommend that you do the same!

Contact your concierge to set up your Pintita charter.

Post by: Katherine O.