Lebanese Cooking for Dummies

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One of my all-time favorite restaurants is Lebanese Taverna; everything they make is so fresh and delicious it makes my mouth water even thinking about it.

I have become slightly obsessed with LT and I needed to know how they created such delectable items—so I attended a cooking class with them!

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Last Thursday, I attended a class at Lebanese Taverna to learn the tricks of the trade! I had attended a class before, so I knew what to expect; but I was super excited about this one because it had all my favorite menu items on the list!

We prepared Hommos, Tabouleh, Grape Leaves, Beef Shawarma, and Balava with Chef George, the head chef at the Lebanese Taverna Market in Arlington.

Chef George is a great chef and wonderful person all around. He moved here from Lebanon a couple years back with no knowledge of the English language; just the ability to cook delicious food! He has now perfected the English language and worked in all the LT locations perfecting the menus. His story is amazing and inspiring, and his cooking and teaching skills are set to match.

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The class starts off with some appetizer dips, pita and wine (and water… but who needs that?) for you to munch on while you wait for everyone to arrive and Chef George does his introduction. Then you get right to work!

Each seat is equipped with an apron, cutting board, knife, towel and menu.

photo 2

There are times when you are asked to help create the dish right at your seats (i.e. stuffing and rolling the grape leaves, chopping ingredients, etc.) and other times he asks for volunteers up front to help prep and cook.

photo 14

photo 8

After you prep menu items, they are sent upstairs to bake (if necessary); then you get to indulge in your feast at the end! If you don’t have time to eat after, they can always give you a to-go package.

photo 5
photo 7
photo 10
Beef Shawarma
photo 13

(Grape Leaves not pictured)

The classes are typically offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm, lasting until about 9:00pm-9:30pm. Classes are held in the basement of the LT Market in Arlington, so after the class you can shop through the market and get all of the best ingredients that LT uses!

photo 12

Class sizes are small (typically 15 people or less) so sign up before they get full. We hope to see you there!

Post by: Ashley M.

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