Shop Smarter, Not Harder on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

We all know Black Friday and Cyber Monday have the best shopping deals, but the actual day can be a little daunting!

The best deals come to those who are prepared and in the right place at the right time! Here are some helpful tips to help get the most bang for your buck!

black friday

cyber monday

Do Your Research

If you are planning on making a special purchase at a sale; remember to check consumer reports and reviews before you decide to make the purchase. If the product is low quality, just because you got it for cheap doesn’t make it a good deal!

Check the Deals

Look into which retailers are going to have what on sale and when. This can help you with scheduling your trip and budgeting your money. As you are checking the deals, make a list with the product you want, the price, the location, and any special hours for the sale.

Click Here for Black Friday ads and flyers.

Compare Prices

Shop around to see what the average retail price of an item is before you leave, so you can go to the store that is offering the best deal.

Bring Ads with You

Bring sales ads with you so you can have them available for any “lowest price guarantee” stores. Most stores have a policy of matching or beating a lower advertised price, but will require you to show the ad as proof.

Use Store Credit Cards

Tons of stores offer extra discounts and warranties if you make purchases on your store credit card. Don’t max out all your cards; but use them when the time calls!

Early Bird and Night Owl Specials

Many stores advertise early bird deals, generally between 4am and 11am, but also offer night owl specials between the hours of midnight and 4am. These deals are great way to beat the masses and make sure you get the deals before they run out!

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Good luck to all those venturing out on Friday or staying in on Monday to surf the web deals!

Post by: Ashley M.

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