Spring Centerpieces

Are you looking to bring a touch of spring into your home? A great way to bring spring indoors is by adding fresh and bright-colored flowers to your home!

Fruit Lining Centerpieces

Have you ever wanted to make your centerpiece stand out? Try lining your vase with bright-colored fruit like lemons, limes, and oranges. Using fruit with bright flowers can add an extra color flare to your centerpiece like the one pictured below.

Bright Fruit Centerpiece

Or you could take a different approach and use white flowers in contrast to lemons. This will accentuate both the yellow of the lemons and the white of the flowers.

White Daisies with Lemons

Both whole and sliced fruit work great in centerpieces! To view a gallery of colorful fruit centerpieces click here.

Are you looking for something more classic? Check out how to make this simple centerpiece using only white flowers with whole lemons.

Different Vases

A centerpiece can be made in many different ways if you don’t want to use a traditional vase.

A writer for Homedit, an interior design blog, explains how you can use anything from mason jars, egg shells, lanterns, wine glasses and metal cans for centerpieces.

Fresh flowers can bring life and energy to any space! Even the most simple of centerpieces can make a statement and bring the spirit of springtime into your home.

Spring Mason Jars

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Looking for more spring centerpiece and decor ideas? Check out our Pinterest board to get inspired!

Post by: Sarah C.

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