Earth Day in the Office

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd, so we have rounded up some great ideas for implementing eco-friendly initiatives in the office!

  • Purchase bus tickets or bus passes for your employees or arrange an office-wide carpool day. You even could give awards to those who participate!
  • earthday_bikeSkip the morning traffic jam and get a free workout by riding your bike to the office. Most office buildings provide a space to store and secure your bike.
  • Replace any standard light bulbs with eco-friendly bulbs.
  • Add more recycling bins—people are more likely to recycle with more stations that are easily accessible!
  • Replace office paper and paper towels with paper products made from recycled material. Or try to be paper free for the day!
  • earthday_savepowerEncourage employees to power down equipment and turn off lights at lunch and at the end of the day.
  • Raise money to donate to a local environmental group. Consider having the company match employee donations!
  • Encourage employees to bring a “waste free lunch” with reusable containers, recyclable utensils, etc.
  • Screen a film during lunch which addresses issues about the environment. Documentary (i.e. An Inconvenient Truth), nature (i.e. Planet Earth), or fiction films (i.e. Avatar) are all great ideas!
  • Start an EcoTeam or committee by bringing together interested people on Earth Day—perhaps have them teach a workshop to the others!
  • Organize a community service initiative to clean up a local or highway.
  • Purchase reusable grocery bags for the office. Contact your concierge for imprinted options!
  • Host an e-cycle drive to donate any old electronics, machinery, ink, etc.
    Contact your concierge to donate ink and toner cartridges!


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However you decide to get involved, you contribution will not go unnoticed!

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Post by: Ashley M.