The Fascinating Phantom

As someone who jumps at the chance to see a Broadway show, I couldn’t believe it had taken me this long to see The Phantom of the Opera. I had never even watched a single rendition of the movie yet I left The Hippodrome in Baltimore with a new favorite show and a soundtrack playing in my head.


Whether you’re familiar with this show or new to theater altogether, The Phantom of the Opera is a must see!

As the set would turn, you were transported from various locations in and around the Paris Opera House then down to the Phantom’s underground labyrinth – but be careful on the stairs!

The production’s use of special effects had the audience jumping in their seats one second then leaning in to question, “how’d they do that?” the next. Some of the more memorable effects include stairs appearing then quickly vanishing, chandeliers falling, and flames that were, well, very hot for those seated in the front orchestra. I also wanted a closer look at the Phantom and his mask when the show ended.

Because the show focuses on opera performers and performances, you can only image the lavish costumes and wigs that paraded across the stage. But we can’t forget about the incredible talent beneath the costumes (and beneath the stage). With such a recognizable score, there can be added pressure to the actors and orchestra, but they belted every note without any inhibitions.

The Phantom of the Opera is a story of love, mystery, and suspense. The characters tugged at your heartstrings from the moment the story unfolded. You left feeling each and every emotion they poured out on stage.

The Phantom of the Opera’s US Tour will be making another stop in our area later this year at The Kennedy Center. If you’re interested in purchasing tickets, please contact your concierge.

Post by: Ally M.

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