Company Picnic: Celebrate In-House

Your employees are tired of their same old lunch routine. How many boring sandwiches can you eat each week? And how many times can you visit the same deli?

This summer, show your team some appreciation with an in-house company picnic! Here are some of our favorite ways to spice up your picnic this year!

Add a Little Extra to your BBQ

bbqEveryone loves a good BBQ, but there are just SO MANY during the summer months that it can become old very fast.

Our clients love adding La Prima’s famous Chipotle Potato Salad for that something extra! Year after year everyone raves about it, and even tries to recreate the recipe at home (although not nearly as good!).

You might also enjoy a cucumber and tomato salad instead of a typical garden or Caesar and your employees are bound to love this change of pace.

Make it a Carnival!

Sure you can take a half hour for a lunch break, but why not treat your employees to an afternoon of fun? Talk to your concierge about the fun games you can have right in your office, such as ring toss, Plinko, tin can alleys, clown knock downs, and even goblet pitches!

For even more fun, you can have funnel cake cupcakes or a caramel apple station.


Go Around the World

Poll your office to see what everyone’s favorite ethnic cuisine is and plan a picnic around that! 

Some of our favorites? A Mexican taco bar, make your own sushi, or have a food truck like Greek on the Street!

We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Who doesn’t love ice cream?! Whether you want an ice cream sundae bar, novelty bars, or even make your own Magnum bars, we can help you out! Plus- it seems like it is going to be a hot one this summer, so this may just be the perfect thing.

ice cream

Interested in any of these ideas or want to hear more? Contact your concierge for details on how they can plan the perfect picnic for you!

Post by: Kayla M.

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